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Rumah ProdukBottom Sealing Bag Making Machine

Fully Automatic Bottom Sealing Bag Making Machine / Paper Bag Making Machinery

Fully Automatic Bottom Sealing Bag Making Machine / Paper Bag Making Machinery

Fully Automatic Bottom Sealing Bag Making Machine / Paper Bag Making Machinery

Detail produk:

Place of Origin: China
Nama merek: Tecon
Sertifikasi: CE
Model Number: ZT9804S+HD4916BD

Syarat-syarat pembayaran & pengiriman:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1pcs
Harga: negotiation
Packaging Details: Ply Wood case
Delivery Time: 3-5 months after received your payment
Payment Terms: T/T or L/C
Supply Ability: 16pcs per year
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Detil Deskripsi produk
Paper Roll Width: 860-1260mm Cut Type: Stepped End Cut,Economy/Flash Cut & Notch Cut
Specification gear: 51~80 teeth(M=4) Tube Width: 380~620mm
Tube length: 400-1400mm Main drive motor: 47KW
Speed: 80-120BAGS/MIN Servo system: yes
Number of ply: 2~4paper+ 1 PP/PE
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bottom seal bag making machine


paper bag making machines

Fully Automatic Bottom Sealing Bag Making Machine  for Milk Bag 380MM Bag Length

Technical parameters of our production line:
ZT9804S Tuber machine  with servo system



Printing colors




Tube Width


Tube length


Specification gear

51~80 teeth(M=4)

Type of cutting

Step cut&Flat cut

Number of ply

2~4paper+ 1 PP/PE

Diameter of print roller

Ø196~ø312 mm

Printing width

1300 mm(MAX)

Paper reel diameter

Max. 1, 300 mm

Paper reel width


Main drive motor


Servo system


Machine size


Machine weight

N 32(T)

HD4916BD Bottomer Machine Performance 


MAX 80 bags/min

Tube Width

380~620 mm

Bottom Width

80~160 mm

Valve Sheet Length *Width


Bag Length

390~1020 mm

Bottom Center Distance

290~860 mm

Number of ply

2~4paper+1 PP/PE

Strength sheet unit


Strength sheet  length *width


Main Drive Motor


Machine size


Machine weight


Features of our full-automatic paper bag production line:
1. High Speed Rotary Feeder
2. Tube Alignment
3. Deflector for Irregular Tubes
4. Bottom Creasing Line Station
5. Air Vent Perforation
6. Bottom Opening Unit
7. Valve Station with Winding Station
8. Pasting Internal Strengthen Sheet Unit
9. Bottom Closing Stations
10. Pasting External Strengthen Sheet Unit
Our machine:
Automatic valve paper bag machine for cement,chemicals and food
Fully Automatic Bottom Sealing Bag Making Machine / Paper Bag Making Machinery
Sample bags:
Fully Automatic Bottom Sealing Bag Making Machine / Paper Bag Making Machinery
The ZT9804S tuber machine,which is developed by our company on the basis of ZT9804 standard 
tuber machine, is added a servo control component on each of the four key procsses (printing,
perforation, gluing and separation), to form a closed loop servo control system by the PLC, servo 
control module, the main frequency traction motor, servo motor group,encoder, color components
 to ensure that the cutting position of each printing bags matches the color patch of the tube. 
Through the touch screen, it is easy and visualized to adjust the specification of tube.When it is on-line

 printing, ZT01 print unit prints precisely and neatly, and it only needs to replace print roller and 
its gear. Through adjustment of thorn ranked knife position, ZT07 separation machine can cut both 
the ladder cutting and straight cutting tubes. Other related adjustments are operated on touch screen,
saving of labor and time .
When it is not on-line printing, besides the above characteristics, when requires more high precision 

printing quality,
 it can complete printing by the using of other printing equipments, producing tubes in ZT9804S 
Tuber machine, expanding the specification of tubes of ZT9804S(400mm to 1400mm). Need not to 
change any specification wheel, all adjustments are operated on the touch screen.
ZT9804S is applicable to producing variety of paper bags, especially when in producing starch paper 
bags, tea bags, chemical bags and so on, which need frequent specification changing and high-precision 

printing quality, it can fully play its unique advantages.
Welcom to contact us or visit our .we are ready here.

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